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Marko Novkovic, guitar student from Coburg

I started guitar lessons with Michael 2 years ago. His passion for the instrument and vast knowledge of many styles has made my journey into learning the guitar a very enjoyable one.

Michael is very patient and very flexible. Having had lessons with other instructors in the area I would highly recommend Michael to anyone looking for an instructor who is greatly experienced, passionate, patient and extremely flexible.

— Marko Novkovic, Coburg

Barbara Aeberhard, guitar student from Brunswick East

Michael is a talented guitar teacher with lots of skills in different styles. He is able to pass on these skills in an easy to understand way. That makes learning the guitar a wonderful and playful musical experience.

I entirely enjoyed learning the songs Michael taught me, and I highly recommend him as a guitar teacher!

— Barbara Aeberhard, Brunswick East

Julie Oahn, guitar student from Coburg

After teaching myself the basics from the internet, I quickly realised the disadvantage of online tutorials, the lack of feedback from a real–life instructor. Concerned that I might develop some bad playing habits, and keen for an ongoing assessment of my progress, I set about finding a suitable guitar teacher and found Michael's website.

I have found Michael to be an amazing teacher who is visibly passionate about his guitar–playing. He is patient, and tailors his lessons towards what you want to learn.

I would highly recommend him to anyone who wanted to seriously improve their playing!

— Julie Oahn, Coburg

Miranda Bourke, piano student from Preston

I have been learning piano with Michael for just under 1 year. When I started out with him, I only had 6 weeks of piano experience under my belt. Prior to this I had never played a piano or any other instrument in my life. I had zero music skills so deciding to take up piano, as a 30-something-year-old was scary!

Luckily for me, Michael is an experienced, knowledgeable and patient teacher.

I still have a lot to learn but thanks to Michael, I can now say that I play the piano.

— Miranda Bourke, Preston

Luke Mathews, piano student from Moonee Ponds

I have been learning piano with Michael for 1 year. My favourite songs are The Greatest Show On Earth, Menuet and The Magic Man. He gives me a variety of things to do.

Michael gives me good tips on how to make songs easier. Michael is very patient, calm and explains things simply.

— Luke Mathews, Moonee Ponds

Amelia Fuhr, piano student from Coburg

Michael Rigby's classes are excellent, fun and you can learn lots of new songs, some can be easy and some can be hard and if they're hard Michael will teach you step by step. My favourite songs are Fur Elise, Yankee Doodle, The Indians, Mrs Murphy's House and lots more.

So that's why I love my piano lessons.

— Amelia Fuhr, Coburg

Lilly Tye, pianos student from Brunswick

I have been learning the piano for 4 years with Michael. Michael is an encouraging teacher. He is very patient. He suggests songs for me to learn that he thinks I will enjoy. Michael always makes sure my lessons are lots of fun.

By Lilly

— Lilly Tye, Brunswick

Jordan De Carheil, guitar student from Carlton North

I have been studying guitar with Michael for about 2 ½ years. Previously I had been studying with another teacher – after 5 years I decided to return to learn guitar.

For a person who is naturally shy, I found myself in a comfortable setting. I initially wanted to be a proficient player at guitar and then cease lessons, however I continued with the lessons and I went past my expectations.

I can say after 2 years that I wouldn't be able to see myself being taught by any other teacher besides Michael. After getting through basic theory, I was offered the chance to learn songs that interested me, something that is not too common.

If you are enthusiastic about music and guitar, I would highly recommend Michael to anybody, and have done so.

— Jordan De Carheil, Carlton North

Kristy Thomas, guitar student from Coburg

I always thought that an old dog couldn't learn new tricks but Michael proved me wrong.

I couldn't play one chord on the guitar. Six months later, I am able to play my favourite Paul Kelly song at a BBQ with everyone singing along!

I look forward to my lessons, I learn so much and Michael is incredibly patient, approachable and friendly which makes learning the guitar so easy and enjoyable.

If you have ever thought of starting to learn guitar, build new skills or to further your music career, I would definitely recommend Michael to be your guitar teacher.

— Kristy Thomas, Coburg

George Bournoxtsis, piano student from Brunswick

Michael is the best music teacher I've ever had. He is amazing, calm and heaps of fun to be with. I really enjoy his teaching method and always looking forward to my music lessons!

— George Bournoxtsis, Brunswick

Rimu O'Brien, guitar student from Brunswick

I have been learning guitar for about 6 months now and I think Michael is a great teacher. I have learnt a lot of chords and songs.

Michael is always happy and ready to teach. He encourages me to keep having a go and to keep practising.

— Rimu O'Brien, Brunswick

Tim Rangi, guitar student from Brunswick East

When I decided to teach myself guitar I thought, "it can't be that hard can it?" I quickly realised that I needed help.

Michael is the best teacher you could hope for, his ability to listen to a song and replicate it on guitar within minutes is amazing and extremely useful for learning the songs that I wanted to learn right from the beginning.

Having only had lessons for 8 months now (Feb. 2014), I have improved well beyond where I thought I could get and am playing my favourite songs almost as well as the original songs which is exactly what I wanted.

— Tim Rangi, Brunswick East

Travis Beck, guitar student from Preston

I've been a student of Michael's for a number of years and found his approach to teaching music very flexible and enjoyable as he tailors his lessons to suit my learning style.

This flexibility combined with his instrumental repertoire has given me the opportunity to easily switch from learning acoustic guitar to learning piano with his strong teaching expertise in both instruments.

Michael's passion for teaching music is immediately evident in the way he provides background when teaching theory, his wide range of playing styles and conversation about musical philosophy. I can highly recommend Michael to anyone starting out or looking to further their musical abilities.

— Travis Beck, Preston

Monica Harte, guitar student from Brunswick

I started learning guitar with Michael later in my life as a totally raw, new beginner, not knowing even one chord, and wondering if I could really do this. In him I believe I found a rare teacher.

He inspired in me a total can-do attitude and enabled me to find an absolute joy and pleasure in my learning and love for guitar.

His own musicality and passion shines through and enthuses his teaching. He brings a personal commitment and dedication to his teaching which I admire... You feel your learning and progress matters.

— Monica Harte, Brunswick

Emily Rose, guitar student from Northcote

As an adult returning to music, I was nervous about the road ahead but ever so passionate to make a go! Michael is an excellent teacher, very positive, compassionate with a very happy nature and I felt very relaxed in his presence.

Michael has a way of making the hardest musical concepts seem easy, whether it's theory-based, chord-based or anything to do with playing songs... after just one or two lessons with Michael I felt like I could conquer the world!

Now we have done a guitar AMEB exam together, (which I personally thought I could never do) with amazing results! And now I'm studying music on a full time basis too.

Working with Michael on guitar has increased my self-confidence, plus we have a fun time learning new songs and scales, and it is the highlight of my week as I know I'm going to have a great time playing music and learning something new in a very relaxed, easy-going environment with a very skilled and exceptional teacher.

— Emily Rose, Northcote

Chris Hale, piano student from Brunswick East

I've been doing lessons with Michael for nearly two years and my music has really gone ahead.

We've covered acoustic guitar, electric guitar and piano. For each instrument, the assistance from Michael has helped me learn specific songs that I wanted to play, to a level that now allows me to perform them in a group/band setting.

Lessons are a real highlight for me every week. I look forward to each lesson as a great way to relax from work and other pressures.

— Chris Hale, Brunswick East

Matt Nunn, guitar student from Brunswick East

Michael has an excellent knowledge of music theory. His teaching style is patient and helpful.

His passion for music is inspiring, and best of all he likes to teach students the music they want to play.

— Matt Nunn, Brunswick East